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Bible Ministry


The Holy Bible Society engages with research and development team to utilize the technology and the internet to distribute the Bible on a large scale in digital format. We endeavor to produce CDs that can be copied freely. We are also interested in mobile applications and downloadable Bible for mobile devices. We believe that these tools will help every believer to have free access to the Scriptures, even in regions and cultures where the Bible is not readily available.


"…How can they believe in the one of whom them have not heard?..." Although over one-half of the world is under the age of 25, many of them live in countries where the Bible and resources are sparse. By making the Bible more accessible, using the means familiar to the new generations, we reach the children and youth with the Gospel of Christ.


The Holy Bible Society is devoted to those who live in regions where the Bible is not available. In partnership with organizations and institutions whose aim is to spread the Gospel of Christ, we deliver God's Word to parts of the world where the people need the life-changing message.

Bible Engagement

The Holy Bible Society explores the variety of ways for people to engage deeper in Scriptures on a regular basis. Reading the Bible daily can bring healing to those who meditate on the message of the Gospel.